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Expert Sourcing

In addition to the written testimony from Valere Principals Valere Capital has placed market practicioner experts in to more than 50 global litigation and investigation matters. Amongst the subjects at issue have been;


  • Sherman Act violations
  • Derivative closeout disputes 
  • Internal investigations with respect to trading desks
  • Selling and disclosure practices




"[Valere Capital provided] one of the best expert reports we had read; written with clear logic, literate, scrupulously fair, and not least, delivered on deadline."
- A major city firm

"We found the analysis provided to be very detailed and insightful. Moreover, the timeline of the project was quite tight and Valere delivered as promised. Valere's technical knowledge with regards to the asset class considered proved very valuable when negotiating on behalf of our client."
- A major law firm

Advice to a European government agency

The mandate deals with the management of structured finance, - and derivative exposures via a bad bank scheme.

Our work includes various tasks such as:

  • advise on complex asset restructurings;
  • perform detailed asset valuations using internal and market based methodologies;
  • assist in asset and portfolio disposals;
  • asset level loss forecasting models based on probability weighted scenarios;
  • calibration of PDs/LGDs in respect of selected stress scenarios.

Advice to a UK pension fund

The mandate involved the examination of investments in liquidity funds that were heavily weighted towards structured finance securities.

Our assignment covered the analysis of:

  • regulatory requirements concerning the client’s understanding of the investment and the suitability of the product;
  • quality of the risk disclosures and representations at the outset of the programme;
  • quality of reporting and disclosure during the life of the transaction;
  • management of conflicts where an entity has multiple roles within a transaction;
  • and portfolio composition and compliance with guidelines.

Advice to a listed Asian corporation and their counsel

The mandate concerns the settlement process of credit events seriously affecting the value of a synthetic CDO squared transaction.

Our work included:

  • a complete review of currently deliverable obligations allowable under the CDS contract following recent credit events;
  • a review of market practice with regards to the settlement of such events;
  • and a detailed report on potential course of action.

Advice with respect to a structured capital issuance

The mandate deals with the capital raising secured by future revenues.

Our assignment includes:

  • structure and review of various UK RPI linked funding instruments;
  • model the cash flow waterfall;
  • support the negotiation process with the involved parties.

Phones may be recorded.



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