Valere Capital

Spencer Kelly

Spencer Kelly - Consultant

Spencer has over 23 years of experience in the financial industry with his primary area of expertise being interest rate and currency derivatives for securitisations and CDOs.  From 2002 until 2012, Spencer was the head of securitisation derivatives trading at Barclays and then BNP Paribas.  His main responsibilities in those roles were to manage prepayment risk, counterparty credit risk and documentation risk.   Spencer has a masters degree in astrophysical sciences from Princeton University.

Josh Danziger

Josh Danziger (Principal) has worked in derivatives for over 20. Prior to co-founding Valere Capital he was Head of Structured Products for Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). He joined RBC in 2000 to set up and manage ... 

Jean Dulude

Jean Dulude (Principal) has 18 years of derivatives experience. Before co-founding Valere Capital in 2008, he was co-head of Global Structured Credit at RBC. He oversaw all structured credit activities at RBC...

Gerald Preidl

Gerald Preidl (Principal) has worked in derivatives for 15 years. Prior to joining Valere Capital he was a Managing Director and Head of Northern Europe Financial Products at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) ...